AC-500 A/C Service Station for Truck R134A Refrigerant

AC-500 A/C Service Station for Truck R134A Refrigerant

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Work with R134a refrigerant Input power: AC110V 60Hz. Compressor:3/8 HP.
Vacuum pump capacity:120L/min.
Recovery rate:99% to medium vacuum.
Vapor state refrigerant recovery speed:0.25Kg/Min Max. working pressure: 20bar
Gas cylinder volume: 10kg
Drying filter: 600ml
Load cell accuracy (oil bottle): ±5g
Load cell accuracy (gas cylinder): ±10g New and old oil bottle capacity: 250ml Color screen: 4.3 inch 480RGB*272Dots Dimension:22"*24.6"*41.3"(WxDxH).


Flush function , with high refrigerant pressure, to discharge all used oil in A/C system UV dye injection for leak test.
Automatic recovery/recycling. Automatic discharging used oil/oil drain. Automatic vacuum
Vacuum leak test available Automatic new oil injection
Automatic recharging with onboard tank Comprehensive A/C capacity database
Automatic protection programs and audible alarms
Onboard electronic scales Built in Thermal printer