Protec Equipment Canada attended the Truck World show on April 21-23,2022

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic,the Truck World show had been postponed since 2020 and finally reopened this year on April 21-23,2022 at Toronto Internation Exhibition Centre.  It's not easy to get the fair off the ground, and we are excited to see old partners again and meet new friends.

Protec Equipment Canada is one of the exhibitors who attended this show to demonstrate their newly released truck diagnostic tools and Air Conditioning service machine etc. truck equipment and tools. There were many visitors and exhibitors who stopped by our Booth and showed their interest in these three days.  Our two sales Reps Doug Manson and Farid Zendehizadeh worked very hard on behalf of the company,giving presentations, explaining the display products, negotiating with customers and setting up subsequent demo appointments. Our company president Jun Xu has made great efforts in the design of the booth before the exhibition, the display of products, and supporting of the whole exhibition. Especially through the negotiations with manufacturers, to provide great product promos to our customers during the exhibition period.

Many old customers came and told us that they are satisfied with our products and services, and many new customers are interested in our products. They also thanked us for not raising prices but even offering more discounts while inflation has happened. The show was very successful. We are looking forward to meeting new and old customers again!