AC-400 A/C Service Station for R134A Refrigerant

AC-400 A/C Service Station for R134A Refrigerant

1.Main functions
2)Discharging used oil
4)Refilling new oil
6)Full Automatic mode
7)Vacuum leak test (optional)
2.Auxiliary functions
1)Vacuum system piping
2)Multiple alarms
3)Maintenance procedures
4)Part inspections
5)Calibration of load cell
6)Parameters setting
7)Gas cylinder heating
8)Incompressible gases discharging


Input power:AC110V 60Hz.
Compressor:3/8 HP.
Vacuum pump capacity:60L/min.
Recovery rate:99% to medium vacuum.
Vapor state refrigerant recovery speed:250g/Min.
Max.working pressure:17.5bar.
Gas cylinder volume:13.6L.
Drying filter:600ml
Load cell accuracy(oil bottle):+_5g
Load cell accuracy(gas cylinder):+_10g
New and old oil bottle capacity:330ml.
Color screen:4.3inch 480RGB*272Dots.


Automatic recovery/recycling.
Automatic discharging used oil/oil drain.
Automatic vacuum.
Automatic new oil injection.
Automatic recharging with onboard tank.
Comprehensive A/C capacity database.
Automatic protection programs and audible alarms.
Onboard electric scales.
Built in Thermal printer.