ATF-102 Fully Automatic Auto transmission fluid changer

ATF-102 Fully Automatic Auto transmission fluid changer








A/T fluid equivalent exchange

A/T fluid volume adjustment (add/discharge)

Automatic discharging of used fluid

Circulation cleaning

Automatic protection of new fulid shortage

Alarm of high fluid level in onbarod tanks

Exchange volume settable

Timed circulation cleaning

Automatically regulated fluid exchange pressure

View window of new and old fluid level

Automatically determines if the onboard old fluid tank can meet the capacity demand for exchange


Automatic identification of the in/out fluid flow direction.

The smart valve assembly controls the flow direction preventing cross contamination of the new and old fluid.

Monitored electronic load cell and flow sensors to double ensure precise fluid replacement.

Reliable operation through the use of integrated functional pipeline modules.

Various alarm/indicator information and automatic protection measures prevent to damage ATF systems.

Membrane keypad, LCD screen, simple operation with user friendly interface.

USB Port for future data updates.