Ultra 3D Wheel Aligner

Ultra 3D Wheel Aligner

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Ultra3D+ wheel aligner is stable, accurate, easy-to-maintain 2 camera system wheel aligner. specially designed for lift installation required condition. This product has outstanding & unique feature and the most advanced technology to ensure joyful experience of using the equipment.


No more limit on height, with 'auto-track' featured, cameras can automatically follow the lift up and down, 60cm to 180cm, which height is comfortable for you to adjust the chassis?


 Item Precision Range
 Front Total Toe-in ± 0.02° ± 20°
 Front Toe-in ± 0.01° ± 10°
 Camber ± 0.01° ± 20°
 Caster ± 0.02° ± 20°
 SAI/KPI ± 0.02° ± 20°
 Setback ± 0.02° ± 5°
 Tread ± 2mm 
 Wheelbase ± 2mm 

Note: The above accuracy can be confirmed only when the user follows the specified operation procedures.
Requirements on Surroundings

Ambient Temperature - 20°C ~ + 50°C
Relative Humidity < 90%

Parts List


 U1001 Lateral bar with camera assembly 1
 U1002  Column 1
 U2001 Cabinet 1
 U2002 Monitor(19 inch LENOVO) 1
 U2003 Computer Host (LENOVO, with mouse and keyboard) 1
 U2004  Printer HP 1
 U2005 Target (small target for front and big for rear) 4
 U2006 Clamps( 20 inch) 4
 U2007 Speaker 1
 U2008 Steering wheel holder 1
 U2009 Brake pedal depressor 1
 U2010 USB Dongle 1


Installation diagram







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    Professional, Stable, Durable, Affordable



    Dual camera system
    'auto-track' featured, camera follow the lift movement
    24 inch clamps 
    Calibration Free*
    Auto vehicle position compensation 
    Extra large vehicle database



    Reinforce structure of lateral beam to ensure stability in different working condition

    Long life hi-speed camera system 
    2 years warranty



    Low service cost
    Two years free update
    Ultra3D+ wheel aligner is with next-generation 3D wheel alignment technology. suitable for Car manufacturer workshops, Independent Workshop or tire service shop with requirement of flexibility on working height under the car. 
    Calibration Free

    Calibration of the Ultra3D+ wheel aligner system was done in the factory, doesn't need onsite calibration on installation. this outstanding function saves a lot of work and make installation of the equipment super easy.