XSonic BT

XSonic BT

save $300.00

Not sure if an injector is really bad? With the X-SonicClean BT, simply test the injector & perform an Ultrasonic cleaning, restoring lost vehicle performance. The X-SonicClean BT allows you to see the spray on each injector verifying equal volume, spray pattern and true leakdown. If a bad injector is found, simply place it in the Ultrasonic Cleaner or even reverse flush it and be good as new. -Check Out X-Sonic Clean BT Video Online!


Digital fuel pressure control offers stable pressure control and a large adjustable range,suitable for all EFI vehicles up to 150psi/10.71 Bar.
Computerized control and display simplifies cleaning,testing & evaluating injectors.
Automatic fuel drain feature allows for Test Fluid to be easily drained by pushing a button on the control panel.
Internal micron filter effectively removes debris during fuel rail flushing and other functions.
Simplified user interface with selectable RPM and pulse width.
Built-in glycerin filled pressure gauge,membrane keypad and audible beep alerts.
The X-SonicCleanBT comes with a one year warranty.


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