CL-455A Wheel Alignment Four post Lift

CL-455A Wheel Alignment Four post Lift



2 sets of Centre Jacks included



Optional power supply 220v(1ph)/380v(3ph)
Motor Power 2.2kw
Lifting Capacity ≤5500kg
Lifting Height ≤1750mm
Platform Height ≤195mm
Platform Length ≤245mm
Rise Time  ≤35s
Drop Time  ≤35s



. Electro-hydraulic lift, with hydraulic cylinder located under one of the platforms.
. Low profile platforms, with short drive-on ramps, can be for when fully lowered,requires less space.
. Each platform is the complete steel plate without splicing, no welding, ensures durability and planeness
. With second lifting guide rail and equipped the secondary lifting trolley.
. Safety rack installed in each column. Mechanical lock engaged automatically in lifting process.
. Adjustable width between two platforms makes the lift more flexible for different vehicles.
. Low voltage control system are CSA approved..
. Equipped second lifting guide rail and the secondary lifting trolley.