CReader VI

CReader VI

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C Reader VI is the latest in Launch's line of OBDII code readers. It has a new ergonomic design with a full color QVGA LCD screen and an incredible operating speed.


  • 160x160 color QVGA LCD screen, backlit
  • Power-up from vehicle 8-18VDC
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C
  • Cable length: 1.1m
  • Size: 120x85x25 mm


  • Full-range OBD-II vehicle coverage with module identification, trouble codes read/erase, live data stream, VIN read and CAN capabilities.
  • Easy on-line software updates 
  • Multi language: English, French, Spanish
  • Covers OBD-II modes 1-10
  • Oxygen sensors and EVAP system tests
  • Displays live data in digital and graphic mode with a 2-frames-per-second refresh rate
  • Up to 4 color graphics on one screen
  • Record, save and playback live data (up to 29 recordings)
  • P, B, C, U codes look-up
  • I/M readiness monitor status---PERFECT FOR: Emissions Testing Areas, Road Tests, Drive Cycles & Recurring Code Validation
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty