TC-1227IT Tilt Arm Tire changer with helper assembly

TC-1227IT Tilt Arm Tire changer with helper assembly

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External locking rim dimensions10~21
Internal locking rim dimensions12~24"
Max.Wheel diameter1000mm(39")
Max.Wheel width355mm(14")
Working Pressure8-10bar(116-145PSI)
Opitonal Power supply110V (1ph)/ 220V (1ph/3ph)/ 380V (3ph)
Optional Mottor power0.55/0.75/1.1kw
Noise Level<75dB
Dimension(main body)960*760*930mm(3.1*2.5*3.4ft)
Dimension(007B help arm)1550*310*550mm(5.1*1.0*1.8ft)
N/G weight(main body)229/255kg(504/561lbs)
N/G weight(007B help arm)90/104kg(198/229lbs)
N/G weight(total)310/359kg(682/790lbs)



1.Full-automatic pneumatic tilting column
2.Vertical arm positioning automatically and synchronous pneumatic locked at any optional position ;
3.Suitable for bigger and wider various new tyres, including some low profile tyres 
4.Independent 007B left help arm system:
* Pneumatic tyre lifting device which can be lifted at any position makes it labor saving and convenient to demount/mount tyres.
* Nylon pressing roller, can easily allow the separation of tire and rim
*360o rotary tyre pressing help arm, with combined tyre pressing head has functions of pressing tyre and central positioning.
* Central positioning function: make rim and tyre detached & clamp jaws quickly and conveniently 
5.24"large turntable and high power motor, which increase working strength
6.Clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, durable
7.Max working clamping 24";
8.Quick air booster makes the tyre and rim jointed instantly, especially suitable for the low profile tyres.
9.Standard be equipped with plastic protector for demount/mount head, jaws and bead break shovel, protect the rim
10.Easy to learn for operation, covers less space
11.Quickly demount/mount the tyres saving the working time and improving work efficiency