X631 Plus Wheel Aligner (Discontinued)

X631 Plus Wheel Aligner (Discontinued)

   ·X-631+ Wheel Alignment is the high end version of X-631 with more functions and best performance. 
    ·The unique technology of measurement without PC for Toe and Camber as quick check 
    ·User-friendly programme interface can be switched between 2D and 3D graphic display. It makes customer a modern feeling and can be operating easily. 
    ·High tech filter glass for CCD camera inside the probe rod to avoid sun reflection , no need to worry about working environment. 


Alignment Technology Utilizing 8 Sensor CCD

Remote Controls At Each Sensor
LCD Display Provides The Ability To Control The Alignment Program At Each Sensor
19"LCD Standard
234"(19.5")Wheelbase Range
20Degree CCD Cameras
Automatic Spoiler Program
Choose Either 180,90 or Rolling Compensation

Choose From Standard,Quick Or Additional Measurements
Technician Can Choose From 2-D or 3-D Graphic Program Display.
Allows The Technician To Choose The System Management Level From Learner To Expert
Choose Either Two Or Four Wheel Alignment
234" Wheelbase(19.5)